Launching innovative ventures that will change the world with the Gospel thread.


We empower founders, directors, teams, and donors to bring about systemic restoration.

Brokenness created by sin started a chain reaction of problems that cause painful symptoms amongst the world's inhabitants. These symptoms trigger emotional responses, and as empathetic beings, one feels for those affected. This empathy grows into a burden that kindles a passion for change. Passion needs an outlet, and many times, it births the idea of an organization or church dedicated to make that change.

But how often do founders pause to think about the root problem behind the symptoms? How often are ventures launched with good intentions and rapidly find themselves mission adrift? We end up with more symptom-targeted organizations tapping the same pool of resources, distracting from resources that might steward root problem restoration. We're ultimately left in a perpetual state of symptom management, moving further from the problems that need radical solutions.

We believe it's time for a change.

Thread Rocket is an accelerator for existing organizations that are threaded with the gospel and have a desire to deliver these radical solutions in order to achieve systemic restoration.

working to solve root problems.

Re-designing ventures to bring about systemic restoration through innovation, sustainability, and the Gospel thread.

(re)Accelerator ™

A one-on-one 6 month accelerator to redesign your organization to make sustainable & eternal impact.

6 month 1-on-1 intensive program
For ambitious organizations 3+ yrs old
Redesign org for greater impact
Innovation focused
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Collaborative workshops that prepare your teams to manage towards a more sustainable model.

12 months of collaborative workshops
Solve pressing issues collectively
Empower teams to lead change
Mentors to help guide and implement
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Organization specific and needs based workshops that develop competencies needed for scale.

Geared for knowledge transfer
Equips you with tools for scale
Process driven and applicable
Leaders, Boards, or Teams
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hear their story.


Makarios shifted their organizational efforts towards systemic restoration of the family rather than a solitary focus on Christian education. They were able to build upon what God had already birthed in their organization to accomplish this mission.

join the mission.

We're ambitious about cultivating a healthy missional culture that will advance the Gospel and work towards systemic restoration.
Join us in our efforts.


Help advance our mission and the graduates of the (re)Accelerator™ as we work towards restoration.


Mentor Rocketeers as they journey through a 12 month Cohort to redesign their organization.


Have skills to help us in our efforts? We're always looking to put God-given talents to work for His Kingdom.